Let’s Do the Time Warp Again

by | Nov 8, 2017

My wife and I have a lot going on. We decided to start blogging again.  Mostly to keep friends and family updated and to ask for prayers.

Let’s recap.

2008 – Married.
2009 – Baby Gemma
2010 – Andrea goes to UGA for Masters Degree
2011 – Andy starts Contracting at CDC
2012 – Andrea starts internship in refugee resettlement and falls in love with the community
2013 – Baby Levi. Andy goes to college. (Nothing as fancy as UGA, but it was a big step for Andy)
2014 – Andy accepts full time position at CDC. Andrea accepts full time position as volunteer coordinator in the refugee resettlement branch of Catholic Charities. McMahon’s join Discover Life Church in Suwanee GA.
2015 – Baby Phoebe. Andrea resigns from her position at Catholic Charities.
2016 – Andy and Andrea begin to pray for direction.
2017 РSo much. SO SO Much. 

Maybe because it’s fresh in our memories, or maybe because this is true, but 2017 has proven to be an incredibly pivotal year for us. In late 2016, I had a vision put on my heart by God. A vision that I believed could change the hearts of young men and women throughout Gwinnett County. Through that Rise Above Information Technology was born, and in July of 2017 became official. We felt called by God to step into larger leadership roles in our church, and everything we’ve been praying about for years seems to be coming together. Not exactly how we planned in our world, but nonetheless coming together. God has surrounded me with mentors and a spiritual father who genuinely feel called to pour into my life.

9 years of marriage has been an adventure with ups and downs. Fatherhood has been far more challenging than I could have ever imagined 8 years ago. I’ve learned, and I still have learning to do. Being a husband is one of the greatest adventures I could have ever imagined, but wow. Is it tricky! I’ve grown, and I still have growing to do. Our hope is that this blog communicates all of that.

So now we blog. We update you all. Our hope is you partner with us in prayer. Our hope is we see God moving in response to your prayers. Our hope is you believe in us to do the work God has called us to.